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Carolina Carports, Inc. offers excellent opportunities for businesses that have a desire to grow their business.

Becoming a Carolina Carports, Inc. authorized product representative is the easiest way to make your business more profitable.  No other steel building manufacturer offers its representatives more in the way of displays, support, training and in brand recognition with no capital investment.

There is no capital investment in order to become a Carolina Carports, Inc. product representative.  There is no franchise fee nor do you pay for the displays, signage or marketing material. By simply allocating space for our product displays at your current business location and by dedicating time to work with one of our business development representatives in order to learn how to price the product, you can increase your sales revenue substantially.

What does it take to become a Carolina Carports, Inc.product representative?

Most neat, well-kept, creditworthy businesses with space for product displays and reliable staff can become a Carolina Carports, Inc. representative.  If your business location has high visibility with good traffic volume and you have a strong commitment to grow your business, you have the foundation to become one of our representatives. We require that you either own your business property or have at least a two year lease on your business location.

What types of businesses are ideal to sell Carolina Carports, Inc. products?

Businesses that build or sell portable buildings are a perfect fit for selling our products.  Those businesses are already familiar wih buildings, building terminology and with local permitting requirements.  Those businesses usually have ample property for the placement of displays.

Businesses that build or sell utility trailers are also a good fit for selling our product.  They usually have the property available for displays and they are located in a visible, high traffic location.

Other businesses that can do well with our product are agricultural feed and farm supply retailers, hardware stores, equipment rental companies and landscape material suppliers.

While these types of businesses work well with our product, opportunities are not limited to those types.  If you believe that your business is ideal for selling our products, please contact us and we will consider your place of business for CCI's products.

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