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In February 2011, Carolina Carports Inc. initiated a 3 month Health and Wellness program for its employees. The program was designed to motivate employees to live a healthy lifestyle. Employees joined the program for several different reasons; to lose a few pounds, to improve their blood sugar levels, to improve their blood pressure and some simply wanted to learn to eat healthy and take care of their bodies.

The program began with a weigh in, blood sugar reading and blood pressure reading. Throughout the 3 month period, these measurements were taken bi-weekly and recorded. Each day, CCI provided healthy food options a lunch which included sandwiches, grilled chicken, salads, tuna, vegetables and fruits among other things. The food was prepared by professional chefs and catered each day at lunch time.

Throughout the process, CCI noted that some employees had blood sugar and blood pressure levels that were consistently above normal. CCI provided these employees with medical evaluations through a local doctor to assess their individual needs. By doing so, CCI was able to help those employees gain knowledge as to the specific causes for such conditions and obtain medications, if necessary, to regulate the problems.

This program has been very rewarding both for the employees and for CCI. We have seen weight loss among the group of 17 people of more than 240 pounds in 90 days! Even after the program was over, employees are still eating healthier, taking vitamins, exercising and monitoring their blood sugar and blood pressure.

Congrats to all the employees who participated and succeeded through the Health and Wellness plan!

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